Saturday, July 12, 2008

Relax is just embossing powder

Those are the not so random comments I anticipate being heard throughout my place when my mom gets here.  Which is in like t-minus 4 days (sunday, monday, tuesday, she's here barely on wednesday--with my cutie nephew and my lovely auntie).

I can't BELIEVE how much I got done on wedding stuff today.  I know where everyone is sitting, flowers are stressing me out, so not so much, spray paint high is in full effect and tomorrow is all about beautifying.  Uhg.  Straighten hair.  All day ordeal.  Now if only my friggin "foundation garments would get it straight already. 

Remember how the first dress that I wasn't even supposed to try on turned out to be THE DRESS?  Same thing happened today looking for the earrings.  Sigh.  And I thought I had found the bracelet but dear sweet Jesus and his papa were trying to tell me something real quick when I went to do online checkout.  I think the message was something like "are you out of your flippin' mind?!" because though I entered my credit card number and was twitchin' at the cost but justifying it by saying if it was not absolutely perfect, I would return it immediately, the next screen popped up to tell me I needed to call in to customer service to process my request.  Took too long so the last two in stock probably sold out before I hit them last few digits.  And I wasn't crying and a hot mess over it.  remarkably.

Favor boxes and programs.  Really not looking forward to either--especially the programs, but I just need to get it done already and stop procrastinating.  That and dig up my ipod for R.  Jazz selections on the mind.

Oh oh yeah!  Almost forgot.  When you get to my casa Ms. I know all your secrets, we can talk about said muffin pan.  You'll see it is perfectly intact.  And ALSO that I have brand new frying pans.  Which is perfect for the obligatory photo at my place.  You think I'm joking.

It was 91 here today with no air conditioning.  Over under on how long it will take me to pass out next Saturday?  Note to self, have chairs handy and lots of water.  Hot. mess.

Lastly.  In the switcharoo of emails and blogger not wanting to realize that yes, yes I have REALLY moved on, I didn't get like the bazillion comments that needed to be moderated in all of the last like 2 weeks I think.  I just thought no one was reading cause, well, I wasn't posting.  Never mind that I have years of stuff on here to tide any sane person over for a while of radio silence.  Anywho...(that is for you punk--if you already had a ticket out here, you best find some time to visit us when it starts raining again...I will be home this year). Admittedly not my top priority, but I'm working through the comments. Most of ya'll I know you so I'll just respond direct as usual, but for the FAQ type stuff, I'll tackle that here.  Here's the first round:

Nope.  Not at Seattle University anymore.  Love them to pieces.  Not so much the crazy travel.  Though do miss the frequent flier miles.

As ready as I think I will ever be (smile).

Nope, no CHA this summer (or last winter).  But hopefully, maybe this winter.  Just gotta see where we are in life at that point. Off the top of my head, probably not then either.

New hobby?  More like obsession and not at all new.  I started playing (Sim City) way back when it was just "simcity".  As in back when I was in grade school.  Spend way too much time crafting terrain rather than really playing.  But it makes for a great analogy when your finance geek fiance is trying to explain what in the heck craziness just happened this past Friday.

No.  I don't like Thin Mint blizzards and Thin Mints are usually really gross to me.  But the Ice Cream cake was actually yummy.  And no I didn't have any before the "extra 50 pounds appearance."  Uhg.  That was just gross.

I knew I would know them when I saw them.  It is more commitment issues than it is not knowing what the heck I'm looking for.  Case in point, the mall trip today.

Be back with photos to this post probably months from now when I've forgotten that I promised to come back.  Midnight.  hungry. sleepy time.


LJ said...

First of all, I know you're smart enough to get a replacement pan, so showing me some muffin pan ain't gonna cut it. Secondly, why is it that you always seem to need new frying pans? I always wondered why someone who liked to cook so much had pans from the dollar store? Maybe there are secrets I don't know of.

Also, I feel you on the "foundation garments," I am headed to the Tac to pick mine up today. That is rght after I tan - 'cuz tan fat looks better than white fat.

I'm glad your getting things done - I can't wait to see it all come together.

jenjock1 said...

I just wanted to po in and asy HI and have the time of your life this weekend, though I'm quite sure you will. We'll be thinking of you at CHA, can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!